Addict = Evangelist 

His greatest commandment was LOVE. We should focus our efforts on that. 

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When I read comments about how drug addiction is not a DISEASE but a CHOICE and how “these addicts” made a decision… so they should suffer the consequences….therefore they don’t deserve help with funding to go into treatment… it always leads me here.

I like to offer some food for thought…and by food I’m referring to the BREAD OF LIFE.

Jesus healed the blind – disease

He forgave the thief- choice 

He healed the leper – disease 

He forgave the murder – choice 

He healed the woman with the blood disorder – disease

He forgave the world of ALL its sins – I thank God that Jesus made that choice.

Jesus never asked the man why he was blind, nor did he ask the prostitute why she sold her body. He wouldn’t ask the person suffering from addiction why they used. Jesus would simply heal the spirit, soul, and body. 

That’s who Jesus is.

He who is without sin should sit and ponder the disease vs choice debate. The rest of us should be grateful OUR sins have not been written in the sand. 

What would your sand say about you? 

Jesus went to the cross for the ADDICT and the CEO. He went to the cross for the stripper and the banker. He went to the cross for the thief and the teacher. 

None of us deserved the blood that He shed. 

Not • Even • One • Of • Us

His greatest commandment was LOVE. We should focus our efforts on that. 

No debate necessary.

Now here is where I share the TRUTH about “the addict.”

The addict is an evangelist whose calling was interrupted. 

Read that again. 

Addiction is a spirit. 


An addict is an evangelist who got caught up serving the wrong kingdom. 

An “addict” will go where the “normal folks” won’t. 

They don’t fear a dark ally. 

They don’t shrink back from the man with a needle in his arm. 

They will embrace the prostitute. 

They will give the homeless man the shoes off their feet. 

They have no fear. 

They’ve walked that road. 

They go hard. 

They go fast. 

They never quit. 

It’s not a disease. 

It’s not a choice.


They were created to be EVANGELISTS and they were interrupted by demonic oppression. 

Trust me – I know. 

I was an addict. 

Now I’m a radical evangelist. 

The difference? 




Written by Heid Davis



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