Aaron Rodgers Vaxgate Controversy Highlights the Lack of Science and Logic Behind Jab Mandates

Terry Bradshaw, Hall of Fame football player turned pundit, lectured Aaron Rodgers on a national stage for telling a lie…and then blatantly spouted off a dangerous lie in the next breath.

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OPINION – The current Aaron Rodgers Vaxgate controversy highlights the reckless, illogical medical tyranny being pushed by sports leagues, the mainstream media, and our government. It also further exposes their blatant hypocrisy.

For anyone who missed it, the NFL’s reigning MVP, Aaron Rodgers, tested positive for Covid last Monday. Because he was unvaccinated, NFL protocol forces him to sit out a couple of weeks regardless if he is actually sick or subsequently tests negative.

Besides the mainstream media’s predisposition to shame him for his “selfish” act of refusing the series of jabs, the fact that Rodgers indicated that he had been “immunized” when confronted before the season has thrown tankers full of gasoline on the fire.

Rodgers explains that he was referring to a regimen prescribed by a naturopath to boost immunity, which included Ivermectin and other supplements. For anyone who watched the rabid media jackals in the White House press conferences during the four years prior to the Biden Regime taking over, you can imagine the media firestorm that has ensued.

The media has particularly seized on the fact that Rodgers is a quarterback, the ultimate leader of a football team. They reason that it is especially egregious for the leader to choose his own medical health over the team’s desire to win the Super Bowl.

In my view, it doesn’t make you a great leader to allow your employer to force you to take an experimental, gene-altering, trial-study-animal-killing injection that provides temporary benefit at best if it does not immediately debilitate you.

In reality, it makes you a great leader to have the courage to stand against the medical tyranny, the woke NFL, and the wicked media by choosing against it. Hopefully, Rodgers’ actions helped other players find the courage to maintain their own bodily autonomy and not play Russian roulette with their health and well-being for the rest of their lives.

Of course, that’s not how the Big Media football pundits see it. The media mob has piled on Rodgers with a vengeance. It’s too irrelevant and too voluminous to cover it all, but here are a couple of attacks to give you an idea.

From their three-letter network bully pulpit, mainstream media football pundit Mike Florio chided Aaron Rodgers for believing that he is “the smartest guy in the room” while he and his partner, Myles Simmons, demonstrated the absolute arrogance and condescension that would mark those who believe they themselves to be “the smartest people in the room.”

Simmons, who would seem to possibly be enrolled in drama school when not on air, animatedly ranted about “the science” and the medical agency epidemiologist “experts” that we MUST blindly follow. These are the same “experts” who are alleged to have funded the development of Covid-19 in a Wuhan lab, possess massive conflicts of interest, and have a track record of incompetence and shady actions.

You can have a look at Florio’s and Simmons’ diatribe for yourself as the video clip is posted at the bottom. You can also have a look at some alternative perspectives on the jab.

Yesterday, Fox Sports ex-jock-turned-pundit Terry Bradshaw carved out time in the NFL pregame show to lecture Rodgers for being a liar…and then proceeded to tell a blatant lie in the very next breath. Here is Bradshaw’s hypocritical rant:

“Learn not to lie, because that’s what you did, Aaron. You lied to everyone.”

He continued, “I understand ‘immunized.’ What you were doing was taking stuff that would keep you from getting COVID-19. You got COVID-19. Ivermectin is a cattle dewormer. Sorry, folks, that’s what it is.”

Perhaps the self-righteous Bradshaw missed the fact that Ivermectin is a Nobel Prize-winning drug that has saved countless human lives.

Perhaps he also missed the fact that Ivermectin is produced and marketed by Merck Pharmaceuticals as a drug for humans. It also has been considered one of the safest drugs on the market for decades.

Perhaps Terry is profoundly uninformed and unaware that a state in India two-thirds the size of the U.S. staved off the Covid-19 Plandemic in 2021 through the widespread use of Ivermectin funded by their government. In fact, they declared their state virtually Covid-free just a couple of weeks ago.

Perhaps Bradshaw feels it is perfectly fine to discredit a highly effective therapeutic AND prophylactic drug without informing himself about the studies and anecdotal evidence of its great effectiveness.

To Mr. Bradshaw, I ask, “How do you have the moral high ground when you blatantly discredit one of the few effective drugs against Covid before a national TV audience? How many people might die or suffer because of your lie?”

To the NFL and the self-righteous media, I would also like to pose a couple of questions.

The NFL played a full season in 2020—during a period when the Covid Death-O-Meter was displayed virtually 24 x 7 on every mainstream news network. I do not recall any NFL players being hospitalized or passing away from Covid.

Despite a sport with extremely close contact, where players tackle, tangle up with, pile on, breathe on, sweat on, bleed on, and spit on each other for three hours every Sunday (not to mention practice all week)—how is it that no one got seriously ill with Covid in 2020?

Considering that fact, and that the “vaccines” were not yet in use last season, what rational thought process would opt to impose or coerce dangerous, experimental gene therapy shots to be injected into players’ bodies to solve a problem that never presented itself throughout the entire 2020 season?

It is also a major head-scratcher to understand your policy that unvaccinated players need to wear masks on the sideline or at a podium on a press room stage to be safe, yet there is no issue with the human pile-up of profusely perspiring players that takes place on every NFL field for over three hours. Huh? But, I will give you that one as the mask is a temporary inconvenience and not a DNA-altering action that appears to be permanent.

And, just a thought on the firestorm around Rodgers—could it be that the media was looking for a high-profile player’s lack of compliance to help push the Biden Regime’s medical tyranny?


NOTE: In our opinion, individuals should have the freedom of choice in regard to ingesting or injecting any drug or therapy into their bodies. In order to make an informed decision, they should also be able to hear all sides of and perspectives on an issue. Below are a couple of discussions with data points and perspectives that run counter to the NFL’s and mainstream media’s positions presented in the video above. We have not fact-checked any of the information presented.

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  1. Mike Wahl says:

    You are right-on here Gary. The agenda of the present Biden/democrat administration and mainstream media is to subvert traditional American culture, and insert socialism/communism into our veins, similarly to what their precious vaccine does. Biblical prophecy being fulfilled, possibly beyond our current understanding, but with the clear fingerprints of the Devil all over it.