A Year of Mama Jane’s Secret

Chad Norris published his second book Mama Jane’s Secret a year ago on February 13, 2018. And since then, the secret of friendship with God isn’t such a secret anymore.

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Chad Norris published his second book Mama Jane’s Secret a year ago on February 13, 2018.

And since then, the secret of friendship with God isn’t such a secret anymore. Norris’s teaching and testimony of intimacy with the Father have set a new standard for family relationships. Supernatural relationships, more like it.

24-year-old Ashlyn Moody is just one of many who have experienced the impact of this metanoia—which is a change in the way we think. After a summer-long season of discontentment, Moody came across Mama Jane’s Secret through a random Instagram post. And within days, Moody devoured the book.

“When I was listening to it, I couldn’t stop listening to it,” Moody said. “It was what my heart was longing for and the answer to that discontentment.”

Hungry for more revelation of the Father’s love, Moody started pursuing more Bridgeway Network content. She downloaded all Coach & Joe podcasts, attended the annual Table conference in November, and eventually packed up her small-town Alabama life to move to Greenville, SC.

Leaving the past behind to partner with the Lord’s work at Bridgeway is a narrative you’ll find common amongst new members. The message of Mama Jane’s Secret is so radical to the Church today that it incites a forsaken boldness.

“I think when someone lines up their thoughts with the way the Father thinks, your life becomes powerful,” Norris said in a YouTube interview with Igniting a Nation, a Scripture-based broadcast network.

Bridgeway’s lead pastor told host Eric Walker, “One of the reasons I get to speak into this is [because] I was in the fetal position on three medications, and within 6 months, I was seeing blind eyes opened. Well, God didn’t change. I changed.”

Norris referenced Romans 12:2, an anchor passage for this message. “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect” (ESV, emphasis added).

To order your copy of Mama Jane’s Secret and learn more about your Kingdom identity, click here. And in honor of the publication’s anniversary, enjoy the following excerpt below:


Chapter 5: Believing and Belonging

Everyone loves to belong. In fact the need to belong is so strong that people will do almost anything to satisfy it. Young people join violent gangs out of a need to belong. Many who are involved in the occult got to that dark place out of a sense of rejection, of not belonging. Our need to belong seems to be part of our DNA, perhaps because God designed us to belong to Him, to His family. He made a place for us at His Table before the foundations of the world. Satan is always busy trying to get us away from our place at the Table. To get to the King’s Table and stay there, we must believe what God has said. The message of the Kingdom is not to say “yes” to heaven, it is to say ”yes” to the King.

He is our Lord, our creator, and more than that, He has invited us into His family. In God’s family, Jesus is our Big Brother. He isn’t just the bridge to heaven, He’s the bridge to the Father. When you understand and embrace these truths you realize that the invitation is to come and enjoy God, to walk with Him in the cool of the day– to just be with Him. When is the last time you just enjoyed God? Wouldn’t you like to spend your life enjoying God rather than wondering every day if He even likes you? You can, if you believe.

When you truly believe that His Table is your home, you get to experience things in the Kingdom that others don’t. The supernatural becomes natural to you– and you live in thankfulness for the place you have at the Table. It’s not a place of arrogance. It’s a place of belonging. I know this because I’ve lived it. I’ve lived in Lo-debar and I do not want to go back. I spent much of my life hating God because I did not understand Him. I have to tell you– I am no longer Mephibosheth. I am not in Lo-debar. I am God’s child. I don’t say this because I am a pastor. I don’t even let my church call me “pastor.” I’m just Chad. I sit at the Table because it’s where I belong. This is home to me now. My goal for you is that you will leave Lo-debar and come home. Come to your place at the Table.

Living at home at the Table means things that once would have seemed strange and impossible become the usual. Imagine that an angel manifests to you and instead of being terrified, you calmly say, “How’s it going?” I’m not kidding. This is life at the King’s Table. Dramatic things can happen to you spiritually and not catch you off guard. What if your eyes were trained so that the realm of the supernatural was more real than what you can see, feel, or taste? Imagine you own your own business and business is not going well. You’ve had four prophetic words in the past month about how well your business is going to go. When the King’s Table is home, instead of falling apart, you can hang onto the Word of God, believing in Him. We need to understand that the Word from the Lord is more real than the bank account that is precariously close to zero dollars. It is more real than our lack. How do we go about believing in God? It’s a learning process. You begin to trust Him beyond your own understanding, and as you do, He becomes your reality.

It is awesome when things manifest as He promised and instead of being shocked, you think, “Well, that is what You said would happen, Father.” This is how Jesus responded to Satan in the desert. He repeatedly referenced the Word He believed. Over and over He responded to Satan beginning with the words “It is written.” The same naturally supernatural lifestyle that Jesus lives at the King’s Table is possible for all sons and daughters of the King. We don’t have to live like spiritual orphans. We can move beyond doubt to belief and take our place at the Table of the King.



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