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Watch and wait for the tick tick tick of the clock will be the sign of the closing of one mega chapter to make room for another.

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For the Lord says,

“What is 2022? What is the meaning of the year 2022? Here it is! 2022 will be a year of open doors and expanded vision. I am bringing to light the many ideas I have kept buried and hidden within righteous hearts. Oh, so many new ministries, businesses, and missions will start in 2022! I will expand the harvest fields for individuals who waited for Me. I am doing the new thing in 2022 for it has been My heart’s desire to show myself faithful beyond capacity. Capacity of what you ask? Capacity of thought! For it did not enter the minds of men what I was doing when I formed the earth with my bare hands or fashioned the sky. Man was not in existence yet therefore watch! Watch as I reveal My grander in this new year.

For nations will begin to say, surely the Lord was here! Yes! I have had my hand upon many nations that did not even know Me. But when I lift My hand and permit storms of retribution to come then and only then will the naysayers believe I, the Living One was there. It is a year of exponential grace. For some, it will be a very delightful and easy year to bring My name in and throughout their lives. While others will experience great pain. Pain of the truth of My knowledge. For the Reality Superstars, many of you watch day-in-day-out will fall to their knees and upon their Altar of Repentance. I will turn their ears to My mouth. I will help them renounce their truce with satan and yield their talents to My Kingdom. Many of your politicians will suffer impediments that were avoidable. For the thief and the liar have married into one assault upon those who lusted after greed and power more than serving their constituents. Did I not say the greatest of these is the Servant? Watch! Watch the cowards quit in fear of the great exposure that is yet to be unveiled! Watch! I am not pleased with the way many have sided with the lying spirit for their own benefit. For their children and their children will suffer the penalty of such partnerships.

Great is My faithfulness! In 2022 watch who I bless in 2022! The ones who lived lowly lives with nothing to show for their faithfulness will see and feel a great shower of My grace. I will open that which cannot be opened to man without My hand upon it. I am inviting many to the banquet table to be seated. Be seated and take your place, for the preparations for a great feast have begun!

2022 is a door-opening year. Some will be filled with glee and relief while others will ask, is there no one that can stop this assault? No! For the door has been opened. Watch and wait for the tick tick tick of the clock will be the sign of the closing of one mega chapter to make room for another. These things will serve as a sign that I place man where I desire and I remove man from where they came.”


Written by Ciara Leilani



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