A Whistleblower Dream and a Vision of the Bodybuilder

Man-made systems are crumbling and only those who stand on the Living Word will pass the strength test.

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CONFESSIONS OF A KILLER: In a dream last night I saw a person who had done major harm to someone else standing before the authorities. It wasn’t about fraud or corruption because I saw a sniper’s scope and knew someone had been killed. As the gravity of their situation sank in, they could take it no longer. Even as they were drug away for sentencing, they began to cry out about the ones who held the gun to their head and threatened them if they didn’t comply. They knew their own actions were punishable, but the anguish they now felt caused them to give up the ones who forced their hand.

There’s no doubt there are men and women in high positions of power who have done terrible things because they’ve been blackmailed and threatened. I believe this dream is an indication that some will turn and give up those behind their actions when reality hits. We’ve been praying that whistleblowers would come forth concerning criminal activities in this nation and beyond. But I believe the Lord is going after the heavy hitters. Not just the criminals on the lower rungs, but those who pull the strings. I believe the prayers of the saints are working as judgments against the perpetrators are drawing closer. In the dream, I could feel the swirl of dread and fear – the anxiousness of those who now feel trapped in their complicity.

Let’s pray that the fear of the Lord and the weight of their sins would compel these truth-tellers to come forth. Pray that the anguish of their own soul would outweigh any threats or intimidation from their handlers. Pray that as criminal activity is exposed, it pulls the cover off the puppet masters behind the scenes and their strings would be cut.

“Who rises up for me against the wicked? Who stands up for me against evildoers? If the LORD had not been my help, my soul would soon have lived in the land of silence.” (Psalms 94:16-17)

VISION OF THE BODYBUILDER: In corporate worship this past Sunday, we were singing about standing on the Rock and praising the One who holds all things together. I immediately saw a vision of Christ holding the entire earth on the back of His shoulders. I thought of Isaiah 9:6 which says the government is on His shoulders. Just as He is often seen in pictures carrying the cross with arms outstretched and head hanging down, this time I saw Him carrying the world on His shoulders. His love was sure and His resolve was absolute as I recognized His unseen presence carrying the weight of the world.

But then as we continued to lift up His name in worship, I saw the vision change. I now saw Atlas, the mythological body-builder, often recognized by the iconic statue that shows him holding the world on his shoulders. But in my vision, this was no Atlas – it was God Almighty. He was no longer the suffering Shepherd, but a chiseled Body Builder with rippling muscles of immense strength. His power emanated from His entire being as He held up the world on His massive shoulders.

As we continued to lift up His name in worship, this Bodybuilder began to lift His head. No longer simply carrying the weight of the world, He now took hold of it with both hands and began to lift it up. Just as a weight lifter raises his weights above his head to demonstrate the full measure of his strength, so was this Bodybuilder lifting up those He was carrying. Even as a portion of the earth was still bound to the lower realms, those who were joined with Him were now being separated and lifted up for all to see. This Bodybuilder from the upper realms was unflinching in exhibiting the full extent of His power as well as His domination over all other contenders. Even as I took in this unfamiliar image of the Lord, I knew that THIS is how God wanted us to see Him right now.

Man-made systems are crumbling and only those who stand on the Living Word will pass the strength test. Through the shakings, our God will reveal Himself as a formidable foe. He is building a Body that will surpass all others and stand when others fall. Our adversaries may think Him to be a mild and meek Savior, but they are about to see this Titan of Creation demonstrate His preeminent authority on the earth. No one can match Him and He fully intends on taking first place.



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