A Time of Prophetic Fulfillment

God’s plan of prophetic fulfillment includes the recognition of our human failings.

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As we read the flood of prophetic words that are published each day, we can begin to wonder which ones are from God and not simply from hopeful human imagination. This is not a slam against those who prophesy because the Lord is always speaking in a variety of ways through unique voices that can be dissimilar to our personal preferences and experience. This dissimilarity has unfortunately been used to dismiss the content of a word before it has delivered what it had promised.

From this sea of prophecy, the Lord is calling forth prophetic words uttered in seasons past that were prematurely rejected, to reappear at this time in history. In their redelivery, the original content of the word will be fulfilled. At the time of their first issuance, many rejected the content of these words because they seemed out of step with our current understanding of reality. None of this took God by surprise. His plan of prophetic fulfillment includes the recognition of our human failings.

When these words reappear those who in the intervening time allowed the Lord to expand their discernment, and in some cases, soften their hearts, will see and hear those original words in a new way. That new understanding will align them with the will of the Father and help them move forward in faith into the unfolding future of prophetic fulfillment.


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