A Stirring for a Re-emerging

The table is set and ready before you.

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There was a day I felt so tied down and discontent, and I felt the heart of the Lord speak to me. This will be for many:

The heart of the Lord is bringing you now into that wide open space, like a birth. You may be experiencing a divine dissatisfaction going on because you have been confined, but the refinement God took you through will leave you gazing into the mirror. What was once so dimly lit is now a fire, although you may not even know it. You look just like your Father!

If He had left you where you were previously, you would have desired lesser things. Watch Him take that fire within you right into the places and spaces you were meant to walk into, and you will drink deeply of Him as He begins to open new doors and spaces as never before.

In your hand, you hold humility which is one of the mightiest keys available to His people. It’s a primary (beginning) key given to those who are willing to cast all things aside. It’s the key that unlocks access to other openings and other keys. Broken times on your knees gave you this key. You hold His heart. It cost you greatly, but you wouldn’t trade it for anything in this world. Nothing compares to His heart and His presence. His heart is now shining right there on the inside of you so brightly.

I saw you getting up from the ground where you were rummaging around for the leftover crumbs off the table. That’s not your place.  Stand and enter into this beautiful dining atmosphere and eat the delicacies He has for you. The table is set and ready before you.

Now is your time to dine with your Father. You can sit at the King’s table. Your enemies are looking on. You will drink the fine wine of wisdom mixed for you as you find yourself clothed in linen, robes of right-standing before the Father. You are His daughter. You are His son, and He has a lot to share with you as you break into this new…breaking bread together. Be listening very intently, waiting for His direction and His thoughts. His glorious presence will overtake you as you wait with Him there, filling you anew.

I saw the King giving you access to places of your past and the things you have wept over. Your places of pain have won for you great gain and favor. Victory, victory, victory is yours, says the Lord. You have overcome much, and great is your reward.

Be led by the Spirit out of your wilderness and confinement to be delivered straight into your new assignment. You will be led. There is no striving. Just be aware of the stirring God is doing. He initiates everything. Sons and daughters are always led, and they are fed with what they need. The Kingdom is advancing, ever constantly on this glorious journey. He is right on time.

Watch God advance you into this new space, endowed with His manifold grace that only the wisdom a Father could give. There is nothing you cannot do because your Father put that capability inside of you.

Your heart has been enlarged to carry the Heart of your Father, and this stirring you now feel is for the emerging of many graces. You have come to this moment in time with His fire burning brightly. He will use you mightily.


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Brenda Rundus has been richly blessed to serve in various functions in the body of Christ for the past 22 years, including as a prophetic intercessor and servant leader. She is a prolific dreamer and a passionate carrier of God's presence. She finds joy in releasing what God wants to flow through her to encourage people in their identity and in their walk with God as a son or daughter. As a lover of God's Word, she is called to bring heaven to earth. Her most important roles in life have been as a wife to her husband Paul, and as a mother to their two grown sons. She resides in the Sacramento region of California and has called it her home for almost 30 years.

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