A Love Letter

Life without Me keeps you in chains. Life in Me truly sets you free to soar.

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My son, My daughter, you were never meant to roam from Me far from your true identity.

Little by little what you are called to be got caught up in carnality.

A tree that bears roots far from My river of life, and now you bear the scars of strife.

This is not of Me!

You say, “I don’t know who I am.” Come closer into Me let Me show you a new thing.

You don’t have to figure it out. Come clean and let me show you.

It will unfold before you, no striving.

Seek Me humbly. Seek My Word.

You will come to life again. No longer living in strife or confusion.

Seek Me and you will find that I won’t deny your cry.

The burden you carry, the heavyweight of self-hate cannot equate to how my love-

will change you

re-arrange you

and cause you to be

the unique YOU I have called you to be.

You are 1 in 10 Billion.

Like no other!

Your culture wasn’t meant to change you.

Let’s turn it around, You and I.

You go change your culture.

You’re a leader!

My voice alone puts you on that path.

Accept no substitutes, no impostors.

Authenticity is what I bring.

I am not angry with you, only with what sin did-

to demean you

to discourage you

to lie to you

and beat you down.

Life without Me keeps you in chains.

Life in Me truly sets you free to soar.

I am the One who opens the doors of light causing you to shine-

from the inside out.

You were hurt by family?

I was too.

I was hated

I was rejected

… still am by some.

It pains Me to the core to feel it.

But I have a destiny!

It was written in My books before time began.

I saw creation. I saw all you could be.

No other god will rescue you, but I have!

I am your advocate. Receive Me to see what was always meant to be.

And your heart will come alive.

I promise you this-beating with new life!

Your eyes will blaze.

No more gloom and haze trapping you in blindness.

I will open your ears.

Can you hear me now?

I’m speaking to your heart, right now, this very moment.


Come back to me.

Let’s walk this life together.

You are not called to be tethered or weathered.

Let me cause my “super” to invade your “natural” world.

Allowing you to see Me in new ways-ones never dreamed of.

Reach out I’m here, waiting –only for you.

I love you.

Take my purple robe and my ring too.

You are royalty.

I’ve set out a table for you to rule over all your enemies.

Those that had you fooled, but you are not a fool.

Follow Me.

I’m here for you.

It’s not too late.

You are a royal son, a royal daughter.






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