A Look into the Life of Chrystal Evans Hurst

Hurst remains a genuine, articulate force. As a woman juggling many roles, she is a thriving powerhouse for God and the Kingdom.

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If you’ve never met Chrystal Evans Hurst, there’s almost a guarantee that just by browsing through her website’s pages, you’ll get a sense you have actually known her for years. From revealing the raw ins-and-outs of having a family to captivating an audience with a confident stage presence, Hurst remains a genuine, articulate force. As a woman juggling many roles, she is a thriving powerhouse for God and the Kingdom.

Originally, Hurst had very different plans for her life than the ones God intended for her. She was business-minded, ready to make it big in a successful career. Though the Lord did bring her success, He gifted it in the form of a husband and children instead. She frequently shares behind-the-scenes pictures of her loved ones on her Instagram account and writes very relatable captions. And while there are obstacles that come with getting along and growing, the Hurst clan is closely knit and grounded in faith, love, and joy.

Hurst’s desire to yield to God’s will eventually led to even more blessings than she initially thought possible. After watching her homestead flourish, she began balancing it with ministry. She does continue to keep family first, but in the process, she often leads worship and is the women’s pastor at her local church. When listeners hear her messages, they experience a woman who exudes grace because she is lavishly covered in it. She does not seek to be perfect, nor is she worried over any criticism. The most important thing on her mind is knowing who she is and Whose she is.

These empowering truths are found in Hurst’s first solo book She’s Still There, a story about looking in the mirror and realizing you no longer recognize the person staring back at you anymore. Its contents were written with “‘me toos,’ reminders of the hoped for, and challenges for the path ahead” in mind as Hurst opens up and shows a deeper side of herself.

Not every aspect of her tightly-run ship is perfect or always put together. It hasn’t always run as wonderfully as it does now, and she will be the first to admit it. When she used to face rough spots, she wanted to throw in the towel. Thankfully, the Lord has used all of these trials to help her see her circumstances from a better angle: life can still be beautiful and full of hope.

Readers will find that Hurst uses practical language. She never shies away from telling things like they are, and this vulnerability meets readers on every level. It doesn’t matter if they are in ugly places or polished places; everyone will gain wisdom and knowledge from her qualitative outlook on getting priorities and dreams back on track.

If you prefer online content, Hurst offers a timely blog where she actively posts about four times per month. It is up-to-date with fresh inspiration and solid challenges. A month prior to She’s Still There (August 2017), the author started interviewing various ladies and sharing their testimonies under the moniker A She’s Still There Story. Incorporated into every blog post is a sound bit of the correlating podcasts! If you are not an avid reader, you can soak in the brilliance of the interviews while you’re driving, working out, cleaning, etc.

Traveling across the United States, Hurst regularly appears for speaking engagements. You can see her full schedule or request her for an event here.



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