A Greater Purpose for God’s Glory

All of God’s creation–the earth, humans, angels, and demons–are used, and can be used, to give glory to God.

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I was reading a book this week that really provoked some deep thoughts within me. The book said:

In the entire universe, only two of God’s creations fail to bring glory to him: fallen angels (demons), and us (people). All sin, at its root, is failing to give God glory.’

As I thought about this, I understood the truth of these words, but I also see a bigger picture when it comes to fallen angels, humanity, and even sin… I still see God using them/us/it for the greater purpose of His glory.

I began to think about the hardships I’ve walked through– times where I struggled with depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and even self-harm. I am not ashamed to say I have struggled severely, but at the same time, I can also say I am extremely thankful for these struggles. Those struggles are my testimonies.

In those seasons of my life, some lasting many years, was I failing to give glory to God?


but maybe not.

In those moments of darkness, God was all I had to hold onto, even in times where my faith was being shaken to its core. It was in these times, I thought I was being broken, yet I see now where I was actually being pruned and strengthened.

To me, this battle–my struggle–was still used to bring God glory.

Satan thought he defeated Christ with the cross…
But Jesus rose from the grave 3 days later–and in His resurrection, God was glorified.

Even Satan played a part in this story that brings the ultimate glory to our Father.

So in my thoughts for this blog, I can’t help but to both agree and disagree with the quote mentioned at the start of this post.

All of God’s creation–the earth, humans, angels, and demons–are used, and can be used, to give glory to God.
Creation tells us this through the peace that arrives after a great storm, making way for new growth, and bringing balance to the atmosphere once again. The death of Jesus on the cross was the ‘spiritual storm’ that brought restoration to our connection to God.

As humans, we are created in the image of God (Genesis 1:27). And as Jesus, Son of God, the Messiah, the Lamp of God’s light (Revelations 21:23) shows us the way, we follow Him by taking up our cross–walking through the oppression we are faced with–holding onto the cross, our faith, because we know that even in times where we feel defeated, we will rise because Christ lives in us.

Like Christ, we are also God’s lamp, holding His light in our innermost being (Proverbs 20:27)… and lamps shine brighter through the darkness when they burn together.

In my own victories, I’m excited to be able to stand in a place where I can reach out my hand to others who battle the same things I have, for I believe it will all be used for God’s glory.

All of the earth worships you, and sings praises to you -Psalms 66:4 (ESV)

Before I end this post, I just want to announce that next month the second edition of Kisses of Eden- Poetry, Paintings, and Spirituality will be released and available for purchase. This book has a full-circle journey of my paintings and poems written through the intense struggles I mentioned above in this blog post.

Although so many of these poems were written in those struggles, they were where I found the truth of the spirit rise up from within me; making this book not one about struggle, but about faith, hope, and love.

This same spirit of Christ, who is as real to me as the air I breathe, lives in every child of God, as we are all created to be His temple. I hope my book of paintings and poetry is one where you can pick it up when you feel lonely, oppressed, or just needed a little love, and be inspired, uplifted, and encouraged wherever you are at on your journey.

We are not made to be alone (Genesis 2:18), and as we carry the lamp of God’s light in us, let’s come together and pierce the darkness in our shine. You are made for glory.



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After this time, I began to hear the Spirit through my paintings, and the things I heard and felt in these times later became the poems I wrote to take people deeper into the meaning of each art piece. Painting is how I worship my Creator; Not only because He is the one who blessed me with these gifts, but because He is the love of my life; the one who gives me strength in every storm I face. In these times of painting and writing, where He speaks to me so deeply, my biggest hope is that my art can be used to bring others the same encouragement, faith, hope, truth, and love that this time with Him brings to me.