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After so much effort trying to make Washington happen, we had to start asking ourselves if, in this case, resistance might actually just be redirection.

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“Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.” Corrie Ten Boom

The picture above pretty much depicts how I have felt the last 30 hours, maybe even for the last month. A decision; surrounded by the unknown, shadowed with mystery and indecision. Our contract here in Tuba City, Arizona, ends tonight and we still aren’t sure where we are headed tomorrow. We have been on the hunt for our next contract for the last four weeks. We started out looking for a contract in Washington and then extended the search into Idaho, Montana, and then Wyoming. Nothing! For weeks and weeks, there were no contracts to choose from. We are pretty used to offers coming in a week or two prior to moving, but it wasn’t until yesterday that we finally had some leads.

Erich got a call for an interview in Billings, MT followed shortly after by a call from Wenatchee, WA. We had been hoping for Washington so we could access our storage and be closer to family for the summer, so we started looking for housing options. Neither hospital offered help finding accommodations, so we were on our own. I grew up camping in Washington, but I’ve been told that nowadays if you want to camp, you have to make reservations basically a year in advance.

I have spent the last 30 hours (minus sleeping and eating), on the phone and the computer looking for housing. I won’t bore you with the details, but we used every site or app imaginable. We couldn’t find a campsite or RV park with openings, an Air B&B that was less than $5,000/month and available during peak season, a house or apartment rental that would accept less than a 6-month lease, or an extended stay hotel that we could afford. Wenatchee isn’t really looking like an option at this point. The hospital in Billings doesn’t help either, which seems unusual to us, but what can you do?

Erich’s agent told us about an app that seems to have some short-term leasing options for traveling nurses and we are pretty confident we can find a campground there. I guess that’s more research for me to do in the morning as I try to wrap up things here in Tuba. It is getting way too hot here in Arizona for camp life, so by tomorrow afternoon, we have to accept one of the two offers, and hit the road. Ironically, the path we thought we should take is kind of like the well-lit path in the cave picture… maybe not the path we should take (the light leads to an opening on the side of a cliff).

In reality, though, our family will be happy with either location. We love Washington and we love Montana (and the state directly below it =D). After so much effort trying to make Washington happen, we had to start asking ourselves if, in this case, resistance might actually just be redirection. So, we are excited to see what Father has in store for us tomorrow, and for the next three months.

Life lessons this week: Washington in the summer must be as amazing as I remember it, our AC unit can’t keep up with desert heat (actually, tonight it literally started melting), and sometimes, following the light, isn’t so bright.



This is an updated edition of a post originally published June 19th on wander-more.blog.

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