A Divine Disruption is Set to Commence

Just as your spiritual adversaries have been preparing for this hostile takeover, so have I been preparing for a heavenly interruption.

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We may feel overwhelmed by the chaos we see and utterly shocked at the insanity that has gripped the minds of many, but it’s been going on a lot longer than we realize. Even as we try to cope with the increasing spiritual oppression and satanic influences manifesting in the open, I see the Lord looking on with a nod of solemn recognition.


You only see these works of darkness now, but I have seen them from generations past. That which has finally come to the surface has been operating for many lifetimes. You were not ready to acknowledge the high level of witchcraft at work, nor were you fully prepared to deal with it – until now. I have been preparing you for this very time…

Know that I have not been caught by surprise, nor am I suddenly preoccupied with these crazed warlocks who believe they’re finally in control of the affairs of men. They are not as powerful as they think. As painful as the process has been, I have prepared you for this time of Great Reckoning.

My plan for your collective deliverance was not formulated in a military bunker, nor was it created in the minds of clever men. Just as your spiritual adversaries have been preparing for this hostile takeover, so have I been preparing for a heavenly interruption. The Fallen One may think he’s got the upper hand, but he’s about to deal with Mine.

HEAVEN is ready. I have BEEN ready. YOU have BEEN MADE ready. This takedown and transformation has been years in the making, and a Divine Disruption is set to commence!




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