A Diary of Prayers: No Longer Hiding in the Secret Place

Anyone who reads this book will grow in wisdom and strength as they learn to wage war with powerful prayers.

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A Diary of Prayers is the kind of book I would keep on my bedside table. It’s one that I would want to revisit because of the powerful truths it contains. I know that speaking these truths over myself can change my life. It’s a weapon for spiritual warfare!

You’ve probably seen iconic movies like 300, Troy, and Braveheart or maybe others that have had epic battle scenes over the years. They can be brutal, but a majority of the time, good prevails over evil, restoring a broken world back to peace. Likewise, in A Diary of Prayers, Yvonne Britt leads us to take daily prayer and march to the spiritual battlefield to claim victory and restore tranquility in every crevice of our lives. Yielding herself as a prayer warrior, she uses her authority and dominion as a joint-heir of Christ to call that which is in Heaven to the earth.

Britt fortifies the decrees she makes with scripture verses and reminds God of the promises He has given to her. As a result of the vivacious intercessor’s affirmations, my personal confidence in His goodness and faithfulness was boosted. I was reminded of Philippians 4:6, which tells me that I do not have to be anxious but can make petitions to God about the people and circumstances in my life–with thanksgiving in my heart. A key part of the verse that I sometimes forget is ‘thanksgiving,’ but Britt continuously exudes adoration and praise for the Father while making her requests known.

Please enjoy an excerpt from The Prayer of a Worshipper in A Diary of Prayers:

Father, I come before You in honor and adoration to Your name. I declare that You are awesome, wonderful, and mighty. I join with the angels and declare that You are holy. Holy is the Lord God Almighty. There is none like You in all the earth. No one can compare to You, for You are God and God alone. I take advantage of this moment that You have given me to worship You. I understand and realize that I may not get this moment back. I declare that worship is my place of fulfillment. Being with and becoming one with You is my desire. May Your breath become my breath, Your heart my heart, Your sound my sound in Jesus’s name. May we truly become one as I worship.

Anyone who reads this book will grow in wisdom and strength as they learn to wage war with powerful prayers. They will have renewed zeal and strength to face the battles ahead and forge on toward their callings. To learn more about the author or to purchase A Diary of Prayers, click here.



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