A Counterfeit Roar

There are many gifted people who lack the humility and character it takes to truly serve in a local body of believers effectively.

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I recently had a prophetic dream that I feel is incredibly relevant to what is going on in parts of the body of Christ in this hour. In the dream, I saw a minister standing on a large stage in a beautiful church sanctuary. There were dots on the floor of the stage on either side of the minister. I knew in the dream these dots were marking places where other people should be standing on the platform with him. Another man walked up to the minister on the platform. He was well dressed and appeared confident. The minister turned and said to him, “I’m so thankful you are on our team. We needed someone with your gift mix to be here with us.” The other man replied and said, “Thank you so much. I’m honored to be here to serve and be committed to you and the vision of the house.” I knew in the dream that he did not mean what he was saying and that he had ulterior motives. The dream shifted and the man turned into a lion and began to roar. Everyone in the room, including the lead minister, cheered as he roared as if they were celebrating his gifting. Then the dream shifted again and the lion turned into a snake. I knew in the dream that the snake was a python. However, in the dream, the crowd was still applauding him. The python slithered up to the lead minister and put his face directly in front of his face. I knew in the dream that the python was doing this to intimidate the leader and let him know he now had power because the people in the congregation were applauding and celebrating him.

When I woke up from the dream, the Lord gave me insight into exactly what the message of this dream was. There are many gifted people who lack the humility and character it takes to truly serve in a local body of believers effectively. Those who only want to be used on a platform have a counterfeit roar. When a lion roars it is loud and captures the attention of everyone who hears it. However, there are some who are really snakes that are letting out counterfeit roars. I believe this dream is a warning to leaders in the body of Christ not to be deceived by those that are gifted but not committed. Be wise and discerning about those you allow to stand on the platform God has given to you. Never give those who are only interested in standing on the platform authority in the ministry the Lord has entrusted to you. Often, highly gifted people who lack character and integrity will operate with a python spirit without even knowing it. The python spirit comes to squeeze the life and breath out of individuals and ministries. Those operating with a python spirit are deceptive and often try to use control and intimidation to get their way. The Lord cannot use anyone who is actively operating with this spirit no matter how talented or gifted the individual may be. Don’t give place to anyone who has not shown themselves faithful to the Lord and faithful to a body of believers.

The Lord is raising up and looking for those with an authentic roar in their mouths. Those that have been committed, humble, and said yes to serving the local body of believers God has planted them in are the ones who will release a sound in the earth that causes change. There are many local churches and ministries that have open platform positions. However, my encouragement to leaders is not to settle for someone with a counterfeit roar just to fill a position. Wait for the Lord to send you true sons and daughters who are faithful in the secret place and want to walk in faithfulness with you and the vision God has given your house. Those who are genuine will never have to tell you they are committed; they will show it to you by being consistent and faithful with or without a platform opportunity. If you are a gifted person with a call from God, get planted in a local body of believers and serve the leaders and vision of that house. Be consistent and committed and watch how the Lord will elevate you without you ever having to ask. Beware of those with a counterfeit roar and expect to see the true sons and daughters of God to release an authentic roar in the earth in this season!



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