A Coin Flip by Jesus

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Jesus sits on the top front porch step of our Father’s house. He’s relaxed, repeatedly flipping a coin up in the air and catching it. I’m about six years old, I run up and say, “They’re stealing it, they’re stealing it!”   

Jesus smiles and says, “Do I look concerned?  Do I look worried?”  

His words calm my heart.  “Where did you get that coin?”  

He laughs and shows me the coin. In awe, I ask, “No way!  Is that a coin from the mouth of a fish?” 

He laughs again, “Don’t you think if I can make a coin come from the mouth of a fish, I can take care of the election?”

I jump into his lap and listen to his heartbeat. He flips the coin. All is well.  

Church this is what I heard in the last few days repeatedly.  “I’m not concerned with what concerns you and weighs you down. I’m concerned about you, I care for you.  Have I not said I am the good shepherd.  My promise is to you not what concerns you.  I am the God of Suddenly. I’m not concerned with how long it takes, I can move mountains suddenly.  I am not controlled by time, I control time. What concerns me is how my church will respond when they cross over to the other side of the mountain.”

God is more concerned about how the current events will transform us. There is no turning back for the church. The church in America will no longer find comfort in the pews, no more being entertained by the talent of musicians or pastors. God is using this election turmoil to transform the church into his Army, an army that will fight the enemy of evil with spiritual weapons of warfare that Holy Spirit provides. Our desires will be changed forever, the things of earth are passing away, (there will not be a new green deal) the kingdom of God will advance with or without us.  Join up today.  Don’t look back, fight the good fight of faith, and step out of your comfort zone and into the realm of the Spirit he is calling us to. Our promised land is the kingdom of God not the comforts of this world.  

Our war cry and marching orders are loud and clear, “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you!”

I hear the old hymn, “No turning back, no turning back.”

This election will be turned around suddenly, but we will never turn back. God is transforming a remnant that will not go back to Egypt.  

I invite you to pray with me. “God show us your mercy today, give us your grace and strength to go forward in faith, to trust you with the things of earth, and to march forward in courage pursuing your Kingdom and Righteousness. We trust you as our Good Shepherd today. Amen”

I have the sense that Good News is coming today. Pray dear friends. And be Thankful for He is Good and his love endures forever. 




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