A Child’s Prayer

How do You listen to every prayer? I do believe you came as a baby in a manger, So at least I’ll never wonder about how much you care.

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When You wake up, what do You think?

Do You wake up, or are You just there?

Are there any beds where You live?

A nightstand, a table, or even a chair?


How do You see all that can be seen?

How do You listen to every prayer?

Do You have favorite colors or stars?

Are all things loved equally to be fair?


Do You rest all the time or never at all?

Does it bother You when people just stop and stare?

How many times a day do You speak to me?

Have You already lined up the next president and mayor?


Is it possible that You think of me when I sleep?

Can You actually talk to an elephant or a bear?

How many galaxies and planets did You create?

Do people in Heaven still want to be paired?


Maybe You can’t answer all of my questions.

Maybe it’s hard to hear me through the air.

I do believe You came as a baby in a manger,

So at least I’ll never wonder about how much You care.



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