A Call to the Nation: Let There Be Light

I am tired of gloom and doom

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I am tired of gloom and doom
And dark prognostications
Dire, unfounded predictions
And negative declarations.

Media propaganda
Liberal indoctrination
They pound away, every day
Ripping the heart of our nation.

Control and power their mandate
Destroying hope THEIR GOAL
No more freedom for the masses
“Dictate and own their soul!”

Each time there is a good report
They release another “fear”
“Less died than we expected
But it will be worse next year!”

At the heart of everything they do
The true end game of their plan
Is to rid the earth of Christians
And control their fellow man.

This evil plan’s not a new revelation
But the intensity has increased
What was hidden is now in plain sight
The plot has been released.

So tell me, brother, tell me, sister
What really does this mean for us?
Do we sit and say, what can we do?
Or do we pray and make a fuss?

Do we stand our ground and make a sound
That is heard the whole world ’round?
Or do we quietly hide in our closets
Hoping and praying we won’t be found?

Evil has found its voice and it’s roaring
It has gotten everyone’s attention
But in the midst of the chaos and fear
Have we found the courage to mention—



Shout it from the rooftops
Proclaim it in your post
Speak it to your neighbor
And the ones you love the most!

We, dear saints, have the answer
Have we forgotten OUR GOAL
Preach the gospel, spread the word
Proclaiming life to every soul.

Our words have tremendous power
They can change the atmosphere
Life spoken in dark places
Brings light and dispels fear!

For every dark and hopeless message
We must surely provide the Cure
By speaking words of Hope and Life
Things will change for sure!

You may not have a platform
Or a soapbox you can borrow
But if we bloom where we are planted
We could see a change tomorrow!

It starts with a change in your own thoughts
Then the atmosphere of your house-
Fear gives way to hope and faith
In your children and your spouse.

Then speak hope and life to your neighbors
And to the shoppers at the store
God will give you opportunities
Yes, more and more and more!!

Soon you will find yourself doing this
Without a second thought
Taking Jesus everywhere you go
‘cause you know that you’re blood-bought

Gross darkness looms over the earth
Death and sickness have taken the stage
The devil is giving it all he’s got
He is demonstrating his rage.

Think how different the world would be
If we shined with the light of His Glory
Satan’s plots would surely fall apart
It would be a whole new story!

“Arise, shine, for your light has come!”
Is a command, not a mild invitation
So pick yourself up and dust yourself off
We have work to do in this nation!

Written by Debbie Fickess

Featured Image by Justin Cron on Unsplash

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