A Call for the Fear of the Lord

I must walk at all times in the spirit of the fear of the LORD, knowing that the eyes of the King are upon me and that my private life and my behind-the-scenes life, must be without reproach and without sin.

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A prophet’s rambling…

Let the cry of our hearts be, ”Father send The Spirit of The Fear of The LORD! Let it fall afresh upon our hearts and our Nations!”

So, just a few days ago, I shared with someone that the cry of my heart for the hour is, ”Father, send The Spirit of The Fear of The LORD back into our Churches, back into our governments, back into every sphere of our Nations’ culture.”

Truly I believe that the reason for the rapid decline, and for the accelerated increase in darkness that is rising in the Nation(s), is because there is no “Fear of God”.

We see turmoil, confusion, and chaos in our own governments; mass shootings in different parts of the world. Why? Because we have kicked God out of every sphere of society!

The Church sits silently, while millions of innocent babies are aborted, and while children are exploited at the hands of evil men and women.

We have silenced His Voice and run Him out of town. The treasure of Truth and Justice lies trodden underfoot.

How can we be surprised or even shocked? When the presence of God leaves and lifts, so goes His covering and His Protection — and so to go His Angels with Him.

I cry daily for The Spirit of The Fear of The LORD to fall afresh upon The Nations, but first, upon my own heart. It starts with me!

I shall tell you a quick story. A few days ago I went to the shops, and I usually take my own bags, so as to try to save the planet.

While at the till, as you do, I unloaded my shopping, then repacked the shopping, paid…, and off I went.

But, when I got to the car, I suddenly noticed that a bottle of dish-washing liquid had slipped down under one of the bags and I had not paid for it, at the till.

I immediately thought, “Great! Ha!! I get that one for free!”

But no sooner had that thought entered my mind, The Holy Spirit gently, but firmly, cautioned me, and He immediately told me to go back and to pay for it.

I began to reason with him, ”It’s only £2! The shop can certainly afford it. They overprice everything these days! And let’s be honest, who would know?”

But again gently, but this time a little firmer, The Holy Spirit spoke to me and said, “But daughter, I would know!”

Well, I wish I could tell you that I was immediately obedient, but I wasn’t. I got a little more adamant, and so a battle for the bottle of dish-washing liquid commenced.

But then suddenly, the atmosphere in the car park changed, and The Spirit of The Fear of The LORD fell, and I felt such a fiery conviction come upon me, and The Holy Spirit said these Words, ”Is £2 really the value you put on the unhindered relationship we have?

Is £2 really the value you put on the Power, Authority, and Anointing I have given you?”

Wow! On hearing those Words, suddenly everything shifted.

Now I know I am under Grace, and that the gifts are without repentance, and I know that sin does not change my position in Christ, however…. I know that sin hurts and grieves My Papa’s Heart, and that sin stifles my relationship with The Holy Spirit.

Sin deeply affects my Faith and expectation levels, it dulls and dumbs down my spiritual senses, it causes me to become double-minded and doubtful — I cannot hear or see with prophetic clarity, understanding or wisdom.

Sin undermines my spiritual ability to be sharp and effective in Prayer, and I know that it stops me from fully functioning in the Power and the Authority that God has put within me.

And certainly, if not, more importantly, I know that sin opens up my life up to Satan’s lies and gives him free access to traffic in areas of darkness and that it gives him full liberty to come in and take what he wants.

Well!!! In that moment, while standing there looking at the bottle of £2 dish-washing liquid, I sincerely repented.

I repented for even contemplating stealing that bottle of dish-washing liquid, and I repented for trying to justify why stealing it, was fine in the first place.

II repented for giving the voice of the enemy a greater say in that moment, over the gentle voice of The Holy Spirit, and I immediately asked The Holy Spirit to wash and cleanse me from all unrighteous thoughts and behaviors.

Then I prayed, ”Cast me not away from Your Presence, and take not Your Holy Spirit from me!” (Psalm 51:11).

Hence, I ran back into that wee shop as quick as my legs could carry me, and I paid for the dish-washing liquid.

But as I left that shop, I felt freshly humbled by The LORD, and acutely aware of his all-consuming presence in my life. For this, I was utterly grateful and undone.

I believe our unhindered relationship with Jesus must be the greatest priority in our lives. Nothing, whether big,…or even so small like a £2 bottle of dish-washing liquid, is ever worth jeopardizing His Anointing, Power, and Authority.

His Presence in our lives is far too valuable and precious to ever allow ourselves to be hijacked by the enemy.

Without his presence — even for a moment — we are without Power, Authority, Hope, Remedy, or Purpose.

As a Warrior in The King’s Army, I am required to be ready in and out of season. I must live each day working out my salvation with fear and trembling before Almighty God.

I must guard against every demonic attack that seeks to undermine my God-given Power, Authority and Anointing.

Satan may not be able to reverse my salvation, but he certainly can alter my destiny. Satan is after our Kingdom Destinies. I must keep watch and stay vigilant at all times.

I must be alert — especially for the small foxes that come to steal my harvest and spoil the vine.

As a Warrior in the King’s Army, I must walk at all times in The Spirit of The Fear of The LORD, knowing that the eyes of The King are upon me and that my private life and my behind-the-scenes life, must be without reproach and without sin.

As a Warrior, I am called and certainly required to conduct myself in such a way that the power of sin and the temptation to compromise God’s Word, must have no place and given no room in my life.

As His Warriors, we are called to walk a narrower path — a road less traveled. We must heed the call to come up higher, for it’s only from that place where we defeat Satan and his cohorts, and where Victory and Triumph are made manifest.

So, my cry each day is for His Grace and more of His Grace, and that The Power of The Spirit, of The Spirit of The Fear of The LORD, only grows stronger and stronger in my life, enabling me to go from strength to strength, and from greater glory to greater glory for His Name’s sake, and for the sake of His Kingdom.



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