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I started writing decrees based on His Word to speak daily in my time of prayer.

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A couple of years ago, my husband heard a radio interview in which a man described how from Rosh Hashanah onward to the New Year (and I have felt impressed that it reaches till the following Passover when the month count changes) with Father God, we are living in the future.
This resonated with me.
In those couple years, by that fall appointed time (Rosh Hashanah), I’d noticed what needed to be updated in myself and my family – that place of discrepancy between what Father says in His Word and desires for us and where we were currently “living.” From there, I started writing decrees based on His Word to speak daily in my time of prayer.
I can attest to the growth. While not every single decree has been fulfilled to the utmost yet, some of the decrees I started with are now established in our lives—to the point that I have been able to move on to new decrees.
With Father, we do have the gift to change the future. That starts with evaluating the present with its discrepancies and implementing His Word. I must add that these decrees will be greatly accelerated by generously lacing your prayer time with prayers of forgiveness (release of bitterness and judgment) for the troubles which these shortfalls/discrepancies caused each other.
To start, ask yourself these questions:
1. What do you need?
2. Where is the discrepancy between your current existence and Father’s promises?
Ideas to start:
Health? Healthy habits? Ability to remember and focus in school, work, and/or life? Time multiplied? Debts paid? Relationships and communication healthy and whole? Vision restored?
Don’t make it hard. Just start.
May Father God establish you and yours as you build your life with Him, expand His Kingdom in and through you, and abundantly overflow you with His joy, peace, and hope, causing you to know with great grace that you are on earth at this point in history for such a time as this, in the mighty name of the Lord Jesus Christ, amen!



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