Practical Steps to Take When You’re Feeling Unmotivated

Here are a few ways I’m getting centered to remember my why these days.  I pray they will help you as well:

1. Connect with God in silence and solitude.

I’m letting God speak into my identity.  I sit by the window and watch the cottontails chase each other through tufts of green.  I open the Bible and let God remind me I am his.  He reminds me I am the apple of his eye.  My name is Beloved.  Nothing can change these parts of my identity.

2. Set social media boundaries.

Chasing the praise of people is wearing.  And when the praise doesn’t come, it’s easy to start feeling unmotivated.  When you lack motivation, don’t surrender to the temptation to scroll mindlessly through some social media feed.

3. Cast down the achievement idol.

I’ve chased productivity throughout most of my life.  I love getting things done.  But this mentality also leaves me feeling depleted and drained.  I eventually face burnout.

A better way to live is this: I aim to live present to my moments.  I try to put people ahead of productivity.

Instead of racing to do more, I slow down and simply do whatever needs to be done next.

4. Listen well.

Sit with your kids and ask them about their days, their dreams, or their favorite video games.  Sit with your husband and look at him while he tells you about his day.  Turn off the TV and be fully present.

Call a friend or call your mom and ask how she’s really doing.  Be all there.  Listen to God while you listen to her, and ask him how you can encourage her.  Refresh someone else, and you will be refreshed in the process.

5. Try slowing down when you’re feeling unmotivated.

Refuse to hurry.  Stop to give thanks for the small miracles surrounding you. Watch the sun sink low.  Pick wildflowers.  Sip tea slowly.  Listen to good music.  Build a fire and watch it blaze.  Read a poem.