2023 Shaking

Don’t let warfare or shaking cause you to shrink back.

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The Lord spoke to me about 2023 quite a bit before we stepped into the New Year. I have already released several words the Lord has given me about this year, but I also want to share this word with you today. I believe there is a shaking that is taking place during the first 90 days of the year. Now when many hear that a shaking is coming or happening, they may feel afraid or worried. However, I want you to know that this shaking is nothing to be afraid of because it is coming from the Lord.

In this season, God is shaking what can be shaken so that only the things built on and for His Kingdom will remain. God is going to allow this shaking to expose wrong mindsets, limitations, lies of the enemy, and even corruption in places of influence so that in the upcoming season, those carrying the Kingdom of God can advance forward without hindrance. 

In the last several weeks, I have had more people in our church and those we are connected with confirm that they are experiencing this shaking and seeing evidence of it in others and in other places. I believe that God is even shaking things in America right now to set this nation up for a mighty move of His spirit. The shaking will break us down to our foundation so that we can build upon a sure foundation and move forward with the Lord once that foundation is secure. The Lord is also shaking many out of complacency. This shaking is bringing many people out of distractions and confusion and into divine clarity.

If you resonate with this and will allow the Lord to bring forth this shaking process, then you will be properly positioned for all that God is about to call you into. Many people see warfare or seasons of process differently than I do. But the truth is, when you’re going through warfare it is a sign that you are about to step into something powerful with the Lord. So don’t let warfare or shaking cause you to shrink back. Instead, ask the Lord for strength and discernment so that you won’t miss out on the purifying process God wants to do in you.

I also see the Lord moving people to different geographical locations right now. I believe the Lord is also shaking some out of the ministry they are in and into another. Some are just being shaken out of a wrong belief system or mindset that has held that back season after season. However, if you will say yes to it, the Lord wants to shake you out of those limiting beliefs and move you forward with Him.

It is critical in this season that we each get with God and find out where He is positioning us. This is a time where God is repositioning people in order to prepare them for what is next. Lean in to hear what God is saying, listen for His instructions and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. The first 90 days of 2023, there will be a shaking. Those who withstand it, and come out of it with the Lord, will birth exactly what He has placed inside of them in the latter part of this year. So, be encouraged today, don’t fear or curse the shaking. Let the Lord shake what can be shaken and build with Him on that firm foundation for the Kingdom of God. We are about to see a powerful move of God in 2023. So let the shaking prepare you to be a part of it!


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