2020 In a Nutshell

Truth is about to rise up to its feet- No longer trampled down on the street

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China virus was created in a Chinese lab

Comprised of everything that’s really, really bad-

Very highly contagious and long incubations

Causing great need for mass intubations

A cocktail concocted in hell

That scientists knew very well

Would cause so much needless death

As it viciously sucked out our breath

Once it was perfected

America was selected

To get this little prize

Our lives to compromise

No one knew that it had come

(But there had to be some)

When we least expected it

Our nation was severely hit!

But this virus was no regular corona

In fact, it has its own persona

It was actually a trojan horse

Meant to destroy our nation, of course

Once it entered, it became quite clear

The “news” would champion deep fear

We learned new words like mitigation

Lockdowns swept across the nation

We followed blindly, masks intact

Stayed in our houses, didn’t react

Lambs to the slaughter, we were led-

Daily propaganda, we were fed

This attempt to weaken America was bold

And we did everything we were told

But finally the light is shining through

We are realizing there is something we can do

You see, there is a part two to this scam

Enter, stage left, the battering ram

With many submissive, in a weakened condition-

They sent in poor Joe Biden, a gross imposition

Sleepy Joe, sadly unknowing and impaired

Placed in his position because nobody cared

Ordered to win by those who he owed

Even though his face he rarely showed

No need to go out on the campaign trail

Magic votes will just come in by mail

Machines have been set to fix this race

Just keep breathing, Joe, with a smile on your face

So the trojan horse is doing its stuff

And we say that “enough’s enough”

We’ll cautiously live with corona around

But we won’t submit to another lockdown

And the battering ram thinks that he’s won

Sorry, Joe, but this battle ain’t done

You see, dear friend, the liberty bell’s ringing

CCP and the dems will be crying, not singing

Truth is about to rise up to its feet

No longer trampled down on the street

Arrows will fly from righteousness’ quiver

And justice is going to flow like a river

The new world order is the one we can blame

For setting things up, for playing this game

They’ve taken their orders from the “father of lies”

And the old devil is about to see his demise

So look up to the heavens – thank your Father, above

For His unfailing mercy and His overwhelming love

For He has spoken His intent—HE IS SAVING OUR NATION

He knows just how to deal with this ugly situation!



Written by Debbie Fickess

Featured Image by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

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