2020 Election: Mission Impossible

To those who have already handed over the keys, He appeals for your prayers.

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Remember on Mt Carmel when the water was poured all over Elijah’s altar – you know – totally saturated – wood and all – making it “impossible” to burn…?


Well – I stand by the word of the Lord that President Donald J Trump will serve two terms.

The presumptuous pronouncements of the false prophets of media do not move my position or shake my faith. I serve a God who isn’t confined to the predictions of man or the counterfeits of the corrupt. He has not spoken in vain or built up our hopes to be dashed.

This MISSION IMPOSSIBLE has been orchestrated from heavenly realms far above our own far longer than we realize, and the methods He is choosing for completion of this assignment are FOREIGN to the FLESH and FOOLISH to the FAITHLESS. He never yields to His opposition or concedes to His enemies. There is no Plan B(iden).

This is not to malign any individual, but acknowledge the spiritual battle that is raging over the soul of this nation. This is not even about Trump. It is about triumphing over evil. It is not about a man. It is about a mission – and one that needs to be completed.

To those who have already handed over the keys, He appeals for your prayers. Will you give Him a chance to show Himself strong? Will you stand by those who yet believe for heaven to manifest a supernatural turn-around?

NO ONE truly knows the how or when of His actions, but I guarantee you – this mission is still in play. The Master Chess Player has been setting up His enemies and is about to make His final moves. Let’s give Him time to do it.




Watch the short video below that I posted on Facebook. I believe it will give you a bigger perspective of what we’re walking through and inspire greater faith for what is yet to come!



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