How 17 Million Lives Were Changed by Four Women

Since 1967, Aglow International, a “dynamic, global Kingdom movement,” has reached nearly 17 million people in roughly 170 nations worldwide.

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In 1967, four women by the names of Ruth Gothenquist, Joyce Doerflien, Virginia Blakenship, and Rose Collins set out to unite Christians of every denomination. They had about 100 women join them at their first meeting at a hotel outside of the University of Washington. Within five years, there were 60 Aglow groups meeting across the country. Within six years, Aglow was international.

Aglow International defines itself as a “dynamic, global Kingdom movement” with the intention to see God’s will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. This movement includes concentrated ministries in the following areas: prayer networks, online biblical courses, youth-targeted relationships, global outreaches, anti-human trafficking, Israel and Islam intervention, local communities, emergency responses, evangelism, and prison ministry. These many ministries have reached nearly 17 million people in roughly 170 nations worldwide.

Jane Hansen Hoyt, Aglow International President and CEO, has said that a fundamental belief of their ministry is to open hearts and welcome the Holy Spirit. This sentiment was recently recognized at Aglow’s 50th anniversary last fall. Thousands of people gathered in Richmond, VA from Sept. 27 through Oct. 1st, 2017 to celebrate the good work the Lord has done for over half a century. “We are one of His primary agents to bring change, to change the atmosphere, to stand against the enemy,” Hoyt continued in a promo video for the event. “And to let the enemy know that he is not our enemy; we are his enemy.”

Essential components of Aglow’s vision include bringing empowerment and freedom, breaking bondages of oppression, and restoring God’s people to a healthy relationship with Him. They have revealed that over a 30-year period, Aglow has received three specific mandates from the Lord. The first has been gender reconciliation- restoring the healthy relationships between male and female as God designed; concentrating on Islam- bringing Jesus’s truth to the Islam religion; and pouring into Israel- bringing awareness and purpose to Israel and the Jewish people.

Aglow traveled to Israel in celebration of the country’s 70th birthday this past spring. The trip took place April 20 through May 2 of 2018 and focused on well-known holy grounds such as the Dead Sea, Garden of Gethsemane, and the Jordan River. Spanish translation was available throughout the entire tour.

More affordable amenities found in the online store include books, brochures, clothing, CDs/DVDs, and webcasts. However, free resources, such as shareable graphics and Bible studies, are also provided on Aglow’s website. These easy-to-download Bible studies range in topic coverage and purpose, offering a look at the foundations of Christianity as well as an in-depth analysis of the Word. Nearly 140 Bible studies are available for personal reflection and distribution.

For more information regarding Aglow’s international ministries or Israel trip in the fall of 2019, visit their website for details. Financial contributions to their organizations can also be made through online payments or by non-cash donations.



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