17 Great Pieces of Marriage Advice

Never run from your struggles, instead, allow God to use them to shape you.

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When it comes to advice on marriage, there are a whole lot of opinions out there. Some of them are valuable, but some, perhaps not so much. As marriage counselors, especially Christian ones, we definitely have our own thoughts on advice for your marriage, but for this compilation, we looked to our Expedition Marriage family over on Instagram and asked them what the best advice they received for their marriage was.

And let me tell you—they had some FABULOUS words of wisdom to share.


Best Advice for your Marriage

  • You can be a Godly wife even if he isn’t a Godly husband
  • Choose your battles, not everything is worth a fight
  • If your spouse is willing to do something, don’t criticize how it’s done
  • It’s no one’s job but yours to make you happy
  • You are not your husband’s Holy Spirit
  • Have a Ph.D. in your spouse’s upbringing so you know how to love them well
  • Don’t blab your marriage troubles to your friends
  • Fight naked (We heard this one a few times!)
  • Pray. Pray together. Pray for each other
  • Keep the memories of how you won each other’s heart alive
  • Are you arguing to strengthen your marriage or to be right?
  • Being married doesn’t change your spouse automatically
  • Remember that you are on the same team
  • Never speak negatively or gossip about your spouse
  • Lower your expectations
  • Always look over your shoulder and see Christ. It is His son or daughter you married

Now, if you’re interested to know what our best advice for married couples is, it’s this…

Don’t give up! Decide right from the beginning to have an “all-in” marriage.

When struggles come up, when disappointments happen, and when you both grow and change, decide to always lean in and work it out.

Never run from your struggles, instead, allow God to use them to shape you, to encourage one another, and to grow you.

You can pick and choose from all of this advice along the journey of marriage, but the thing that will always matter the most is your refusal to quit.



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